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About Us

Amatsiko is a registered community based organization (CBO) operating in South- Western Uganda, Kabale District, Kigezi region. The idea for the project was initially conceived in 2005 by Alex Atuheire, the project director, after he saw the detrimental effects that being orphaned or vulnerable had on the future of the community's children.
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Amatsiko Preparatory School

Our Mission
The mission of Amatsiko Preparatory School is to strengthen inborn skills, values and traits to suite in modern world.

Our Vision

A rescued and well nurtured child/ community living a happy productive life.

A school started in 2013
Amatsiko Preparatory School was established in 2013. During the community participatory conference and community mapping, the community opinion leaders, district stakeholders and Amatsiko Organisation; It was noted that the major causes of deaths, insecurity, thefts and other crime related activities in the area was by mainly the idle children. These children become unruly at their young age, do not access primary education, and they eventually become the victims of drug abuse and street kids.

Upon this background, the community members expressed their desire to have a standard community nursery and primary school to absorb the increasing number of children, nurture them holistically and transform their lives into future responsible educated citizens.

To begin with, at Amatsiko we believe that education should be a right not just a privilege. Amatsiko is taking care of the disabled, orphans, street and abandoned children in its scholarship program. Children who are born in villages are with great academic potential to influence the future economy and contribute towards the world but very few ever get the opportunity of getting access to education.

These children have either poor or no guardians and need resources to allow them to be educated. Often the lack of resources denies these children basic education. The monetary costs of schooling continue to lead reasons for registering many children of school-age going children out of school with its related challenges.

Poverty often serves to worsen already existing gender biases. When schooling costs become a pertinent issue and a choice has to be made to send a boy or girl, the boy child is usually given precedence. This choice is driven by societal construction of gender where male children are expected to carry on the family tree across generations and are therefore accorded more value than girl children. 

Hence Amatsiko Preparatory school was started to reach out to a crowded, hungry, and illiterate population desperate for answers to their vicious cycle of material emptiness, by enrolling a girl child, vulnerable, children with a disability, and orphaned children with great academic potential. 

In these sessions which we hold are open to people in the community whose lives have been affected by disability. We hope in the near future to hold many more workshops with communities and sensitize them; that disability is not inability. In Africa, many children with a disability (if not all of them) are taken to be curses and are kept indoors so no one sees them!

In so doing, illiteracy will be attacked at a household level. This is equivalent to “treating a cause rather than just symptoms”.

Our Programs

The children we help lack the resources they need; many have very poor living standards with limited access to food and adequate housing. In addition, the director identified a number of other problems that need to be addressed. Read More