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About Us

Amatsiko is a registered community based organization (CBO) operating in South- Western Uganda, Kabale District, Kigezi region. The idea for the project was initially conceived in 2005 by Alex Atuheire, the project director, after he saw the detrimental effects that being orphaned or vulnerable had on the future of the community's children.
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Who is Alex Atuheire?

Alex Atuheire is 29 years old, married, and blessed with a son. He is the CEO and Founder of Amatsiko Organisation - Needy Children and Orphan Project.

Alex’s Background

Alex grew up in a poor and unfortunate family. At the age of 2, Alex’s parents divorced and was raised by his mother as a single parent. Due to the family’s low income, they faced a daily struggle to survive. Sometimes there would be no food in the house for days and Alex would go knocking on neighbours’ doors begging for food. Sometimes they would give him something to eat but sometimes they wouldn't.

With his four sisters and their mother, Alex's family lived in their grandmother’s mud house. A few years later their father died in an accident and their lives took a turn for the worse.

In Uganda, it is not uncommon to find students who have completed primary school but do not attend secondary school. In most cases this is due to a lack of funds. Alex found himself in this very situation after he’d finished Primary Seven. After failing to get enough money for school fees, Alex repeated his final year in primary school, despite the fact that he was one of the best students in his class and sub- county, hoping that in the space of that year his family would be able to raise enough money for fees or a sponsor would be able to help him.

Thankfully for Alex, a sponsor from Canada chose to support him and he was able to continue into secondary education and had high ambitions of completing his studies to become a doctor.

Unfortunately after secondary school Alex's sponsor was unable to continue to support him financially, so his dream of being a doctor could not be achieved. Instead he went to college to train to be a teacher.

Despite the disappointment of missing out on his dream, Alex wanted to show his appreciation to his sponsor by giving back to his local community. In 2007, Alex decided to start a project for the children in his district, and Bufuka Orphans and Vulnerable children Project (BOVCP) was started. Its aim was to help children from financially underprivileged backgrounds, and to bring them hope!

In 2011, the project changed its name from BOVCP to Amatsiko. The name “Amatsiko” means "HOPE" in Rukiga, the language of the Bakiga, the local tribe in Kabale district. It is in part thanks to that sponsor that Amatsiko is here today, trying to help other children in similar situations. The project is currently supporting more than 2000 children (needy, orphaned and disabled) and their communities in need.

Alex's Qualifications

* Certificate in Project Planning and Management

* Certificate in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe, Publisher, Info path and Internet

* Grade III Teacher’s certificate


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Amatsiko Preparatory School

The Amatsiko Preparatory School was established in 2013. During the community participatory conference and community mapping, the community opinion leaders, district stakeholders and Amatsiko organization; It was noted that the major causes of deaths, insecurity, thefts and other crime related activities in the area was by mainly the idle children.

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