We can change the world together!
We need your support to accommodate, feed and educate our children!
Empower young people!
Let’s build the world without child abuse and neglect!
We can change the world!
We do a lot to make all of the children happy
We are greatful for your support!
Together we really can change lives for the better.

Amatsiko - Bringing Hope

Helping Orphans and Vulnerable People Through Empowerment

is a registered community based organization (CBO) operating in South- Western Uganda, Kabale District, Kigezi region. The idea for the project was initially conceived in 2005 by Alex Atuheire, the project director, after he saw the detrimental effects that being orphaned or vulnerable
had on the future of the community's children.

Alex has been helping vulnerable children around the Lake Bunyonyi region for several years and is always keen to develop new and improved ways to help them further. Amatsiko was officially registered as a CBO at the start of 2011.

We would like to offer our immense gratitude to all of those who have contributed and helped improved the lives of our children. Special thanks go to the Bible Study Group from Australia, donors from the UK and all those who have contributed to the project's efforts so far.

Amatsiko; HOPE. Helping Orphans and vulnerable People through Empowerment.

*Seth Gillman is the UK Project Co-coordinator for the Amatsiko Organisation (Click Here to read Seth's Profile) Seth is the Financial Administrator for all of our online donations. To make a direct donation from your PayPal account you can send it to: info@amatsiko.org or use other payment methods through PayPal by using the button below.

Our Programs

The children we help lack the resources they need; many have very poor living standards with limited access to food and adequate housing. In addition, the director identified a number of other problems that need to be addressed. Read More

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